Flower Bowls

White stoneware bowls infused with Balinese volcanic sand. Functional yet sculptural with free & spontaneous forms



These platters are handrolled & Imprinted with carefully chosen lace patterns to create an intricate & delicate effect. They are very carefully glazed. Used mostly for food such as sushi, sashimi or satay!

Slab-Built Vases "Into The Woods"


These slab-built vessels are glazed on the inside & the raw effect of the oxide, brushed clay gives the pot a woody feel of either white or red wood

Tea Cups


Spontaneously created and glazed, perfect for tea, wine or ice cream and make lovely gifts as a pair


Vases "The Traditional Form"

These vases or 'bottles' are glazed with overlapping gold, pewter & white colours which melt into each other, giving the effect of flow & movement



Very contemporary in nature, the pieces echo some architectural landscapes