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Flower Bowls

White stoneware bowls infused with Balinese volcanic sand. Functional yet sculptural with free & spontaneous forms



These platters are handrolled & Imprinted with carefully chosen lace patterns to create an intricate & delicate effect. They are very carefully glazed. Used mostly for food such as sushi, sashimi or satay!

Slab-Built Vases "Into The Woods"


These slab-built vessels are glazed on the inside & the raw effect of the oxide, brushed clay gives the pot a woody feel of either white or red wood

Tea Cups


Spontaneously created and glazed, perfect for tea, wine or ice cream and make lovely gifts as a pair


Vases "The Traditional Form"

These vases or 'bottles' are glazed with overlapping gold, pewter & white colours which melt into each other, giving the effect of flow & movement



Very contemporary in nature, the pieces echo some architectural landscapes



Best displayed as a group as they speak well to each other. Pieces are tactile and invites the viewer to touch.



Jade, also known as "Stone Jewel" is sold as a group.

The green glaze carries with them an inherent light feeling.



Large Round Sculptures, stoneware raku, high fired with matt stony white glaze



Coral Inspired


Ancient Inspired "Cauldrons"

Inspired by the lakes among ancient hilly slopes. Weathered by time, these pieces suggest a rugged landscape enclosing a pristine still water lake.