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What do you learn at a Pottery Class?

Introduction to Pottery

  • Introduction to pottery as a form of art

  • Types of clay and different ceramic forms

History of Ceramics, Pottery and Sculpturing

  • Brief history of ceramics, origins of pottery, origins of pottery sculpting

  • Period defining artworks and artworks of a wide spectrum of contemporary artists and influential potters

  • Provides students with inspiration and creativity to make innovative products

Sculptural Techniques

  • Explore various aspects of sculpting through readings, discussions, critiques and hands-on session.

  • Supplement to the pottery classes to provide progressive direction

Hand Building

  • Basics of forming and shaping clay

  • Foundational techniques in hand-building (slab, press, mould).

  • Advanced hand-building techniques, such as pinching and coiling.

Wheel work

  • fundamental wheel-working skills used for shaping clay

  • studies the impact of the firing process on the form and aesthetics of a ceramic piece

  • decoration of ceramic pieces

Advanced Hand-Building and Throwing

  • Learn how to make 'functional art', such as vases, cups and bowls.

  • Learn about balance and proportion, wall thickness correction, surface decoration techniques and new firing options.

  • Tackles advanced aesthetic, technical and conceptual problems

Kilns, firing and glazing

  • Assist in the bisque and glaze firing of their own art piece under guidance of professional teachers

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