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Finding calmness in Pottery

Stressful Singapore

Pottery Class Singapore: We’re quite sure you’ll agree with us when we say Singapore’s not exactly the most stress free environment to live in. In fact, articles by The Straits Times, Today Online, and the Business Times here, here and here talk all about how Singaporeans experience stress every single day.

Pottery on the rise

Pottery class Singapore is on the uptake as of late. People are very actively signing up courses, and not just to create vases, but also because of the benefits they are seeing to their health, helping them bring a sense of calm and relaxation, even to people who have suffered trauma.

How does pottery promote inner peace?

So how exactly do people find calm and relaxation through Pottery? The creative process itself is an outlet for stress, engaging the highs and lows of the senses, requiring heightened focus which then allows you to block out other factors that may prove to be stressful or distracting. In fact, it has also been noted that pottery can be seen as being very meditative.

Pottery boosts confidence

Pottery even goes as far as to boost your self worth, esteem and confidence as there are no mistakes to the final product created during your time at the pottery wheel.

Want to get started?

Over the years, when speaking about ceramics and pottery, Jessie Lim Ceramics has become a household name in Singapore. Having accomplished a lifetime of achievements, Jessie now imparts her talent to passionate people, looking to make pottery a part of their lives. Check out Jessie’s Pottery class Singapore schedule here and sign up today for a less stressful life.

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