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Get Creative This August!

with Pottery and Sculpture

Pottery Class Singapore: With the stressful fast pace of life in Singapore, having a hobby is proven to be advantageous to one’s life.

A creative hobby such as pottery can be particularly satisfying and can result in a new pair of shoes to add to your collection of footwear or a new house decor to spice up the look of your room.

Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should pick up Pottery this August.

1. Creative liberty: Since we innately desire to create things, the process of working with an artistic medium of such an open platform to mould, shape and design for creative expression brings us joy and fulfilment.

2. Trial and error: There’s no definite right or wrong when it comes to creating pieces. In fact, you're free to explore and experiment to our desire. Want to make that elephant like watering can? Go ahead!

3. Optimistic outlook: The quality of your craft improves proportionally with the effort and time invested no matter how atrocious we are at the beginning. Watching your steady progress week after week is extremely rewarding, and it’s a beautiful thing that can be applied to all aspects of your life.

4. Focus: The demanding process of moulding clay reuiqres your utmost concentration and attention. Such a tedious procedure of creating, trimming, glazing clocks within a few weeks of your time sharpens your focus until the very end when it comes out of the kiln and trains your persistence.

5. Social Hour: You’ll meet many people from all walks of life in the pottery studio. Tight friendships are birthed from an environment rich in laughter, diverse stories and emotions that are shared between both students and teachers and students themselves.

Pottery Class Singapore: Are you convinced yet? If you are, you can take the first step by registering for Jessie Lim Ceramics’s pottery lessons!

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