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Dangers of Pottery and how to prevent it (Pt.2)

Pottery Class Singapore: Just like every other daily activity, pottery itself carries a certain amount of risk. Thankfully, these risks are relatively insignificant after you implement proper preventive measures! Take a look below to find out the dangers and how to avoid getting yourself in a mess.

Proper Use and Storage of Tools

-Label and store all materials properly after Pottery Class Singapore

-Store materials at places where small children cannot reach

-When the potter’s needle is not in use and stored away, the needle shaft should always be wrapped in some manner

-Cutting wires should be coiled or curled into figure eight and then tightened with a twist tie. Furthermore, cutting wire should never be looped around any body part and kept away from children at all times.

Know What Is Toxic

-Go the extra mile and be informed on the toxicity of every material you use. Regardless of toxicity, no ceramic material should be ingested or inhaled and always counter check to make sure you’re using the appropriate safety equipment when handling materials.

-Pottery Materials to Watch out For in Pottery Class Singapore : Alumina, Asbestos, Refractory Fiber blankets, Gum Arabic, Silica, Mica, Muscovite, Vermiculite, Lepidolite and Talc

Kiln Safety

-Ensure that your kiln is properly built.

-Regularly inspect the following items and components before every Pottery Class Singapore: Elements, burners, and fireboxes, Interior walls, exterior walls, bag walls, lids, doors, chimneys and venting systems, Arches, bag walls, doors, and lids

Some Basic Safety Tips

-Do not smoke, eat, or drink when working with ceramic materials.

-Do not wear contact lenses when working in dusty environments or Pottery Class Singapore

-Always put on a smock or apron when dealing with ceramic materials such as glaze materials. Wash the smock or apron frequently and leave it in the studio.

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