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Dangers of Pottery and how to prevent it (Pt.1)

Pottery Class Singapore: Just like every other daily activity, pottery itself carries a certain amount of risk. Thankfully, these risks are relatively insignificant after you implement proper preventive measures! Take a look below to find out the dangers and how to avoid getting yourself in a mess.

Risk of strain injuries

  • Potters are vulnerable to strain injuries (such as back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, bursitis, and tennis elbow) due to their repetitive tasks. This is especially so for production potters as they work with huge loads of clay at one time.

  • As such, it is advisable to adopt good body mechanics when working with clay and during Pottery Class Singapore. For instance, using your knee and thigh muscles instead of back muscles when picking up weight lowers your susceptibility to back injury.

Risks From Materials

Here are the 3 pathways on how ceramic materials to enter our body system and its respective preventive measures!


  • Do not allow any food/drinks in the studio

    • Do not use your mouth to hold tools in your mouth during Pottery Class Singapore

    • Do not use any utensils that will later be used in the kitchen.

    • Don’t chew on your fingernails in the studio.


  • Put on a respirator or a dust mask while mixing material particles

Absorption through the skin

  • Usually through cuts or abrasions

  • Wear latex/rubber glazes when you’re handling colorants and glaze materials

  • After finishing your work or a Pottery Class Singapore, always remember to wash your hands thoroughly even if you used gloves

  • Do not handle materials used to produce ceramics when you have open cuts or wounds.

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